Project ACE is a 360-degree marketing agency with a holistic approach. We stand by these 3 core values:


Creativity is the oxygen in marketing to generate bold ideas and effective strategies.


We advocate transparency and stay accountable for the marketing campaigns we manage.


We drive growth for ourselves and our clients through versatile marketing strategies.

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How we help to grow Your Business

We are a marketing agency which helps clients strategize and drive their marketing strategies. Marketing has different objectives, in which we streamline into 3 main ones:

[A] Awareness Marketing

A for Awareness – e.g. are posters as bus stops or buildings, where the marketing allows consumers to be aware or reminded of the brand without any direct impact on the sales/revenue. It is mainly for impressions and eyeballs.

[C] Conversion Marketing

C for Conversion – e.g. are Google marketing or social media marketing where the CTA is clearly to get consumers to either make a purchase or leave an enquiry to find out more. It is mainly for sales conversion.

[E] Engagement Marketing

E for Engagement – e.g. are email marketing where we aim to drive loyalty in existing customers and constantly re-engage them for them to return and make more purchases. It is mainly for revival of past clients or to increase life value of existing clients.